Adventures in bagpiping:
my uilleann pipe saga
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Writing about
action, identity,
and meaning
I've been banging around dojo
for more than thirty years.
In the process, I've learned a few things:
how we forge connections to things
larger than ourselves,
how conduct, ordeal, and courage
lend dignity to the human condition.

If this sounds interesting, please read on....
. Multilayered and satisfying, a welcome and well-
developed addition to an accomplished martial arts
Kirkus Reviews

It is these insights…that lend Enzan its true promise--
namely to render traditional martial arts practice as a
way of living relevant to the warp and woof of the
modern world. Doing so lifts John Donohue's work into
the mainstream of crime/adventure fiction.
Arthur Rosenfeld in the Huffington Post
Latest book:
The Qi Eaters is now out as an e-book
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Enzan awarded the Benjamin Franklin
Award Gold Medal
for Mystery and Suspense Fiction for